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LetsExtract Email Studio is a brand new app that is based on proven and tested data search and extraction technologies. It will quickly generate massive amounts of TARGETED leads for you.

LetsExtract Email Studio's functionality

Extract Emails from Facebook & Twitter

Of course, you can simply buy Facebook ads, but there is an alternative approach: You can use LetsExtract to extract names and contact details of people who belong to a specific group or like posts on a specific subject.

Unlike many web-based tools, our product can collect an unlimited number of leads. LetsExtract Email Studio allows you to pick out people by such criteria as their interests, position, place of residence, or language. It can also pick out leads from any groups in fully automatic mode. Moreover, Email Studio can perform an intelligent search for public email addresses and phone numbers of the selected people with the success rate of 3–5 percent. It also allows you to save the resulting leads in a format of your choice.

It's a marketing expert's dream come true!

Pricing Plan

Easy Pricing Plans

30 Days Free for Algorida Subscribers (Coming soon)

Ultimate Personal

$ 45 1 Year
  • 90$ Original Price (50% OFF)
  • Email Extractor
  • Email Verifier
  • Email Sender
  • Support & Update

Ultimate Reseller

$ 157 1 Year
  • Login Panel
  • Unlimited License
  • Sell at your own price
  • Support & Update

Clients Say


If you think you can never create an email list from scratch, LetsExtract Email Studio comes to your help! Use it, and you will easily find thousands of contacts in your market niche, who can become your subscribers or customers.

About our clients

What people are saying after experincing Lets Extract Email?

If you use LetsExtract Email Grabber only from time to time (one or two searches per day) and limit the number of simultaneous connections to the default settings (no more than 5 simultaneous connections per website; only 1 connection per search engine), you'll be fine.

Elizabeth Sofia United Stated

Thank you for your amazing Email Extractor Software! It's a new thing in email marketing... I would even say, it's a trailblazer!

Amelia Mia Canada

It's absolutely the best email extractor! I make cold calling lists for my customers as an additional service. LetsExtract EmailStudio does that job perfectly. I just enter some keywords, and it automatically builds a web-site list and generates leads.

Charlie Cooper California

Your app is awesome! It collects email addresses faster than any other software that I've tried. Thanks for the discount, too! Hopefully, some day you'll make a Mac OS version available, too.

Giselle Shea WordPress Dev.

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